About us

Open-source Software Laboratory for Digital Modeling of Technical Systems was created on the base of ISP RAS in 2011 as the continuation of the UniHUB technological platform and is aimed at supporting open community of researchers, whose scientific interests refer to methods of solving continuum mechanic problems using free application packages. The laboratory welcomes new participants.

Main areas of our activity within the laboratory are:

  • development of software for solving problems of mechanics of continuous media;
  • numerical simulations including pre- and postprocessing of industrial problems;
  • mesh generation;
  • visualization;
  • fundamental researches;
  • education, consulting.

Examples of open-source software developed by our group can be found at github.com. We are updating repositories with latest changes permanently.

Videos with results of our simulations, training materials and seminars can be found in the youtube channel for UNICFD LAB.

In the December of each year we are organizing conference dedicated to open source software for solving coninuous media problems.

We are open for both commercial and non-profit cooperation.