1st seminar of the UniCFD Laboratory of ISP RAS will host in the ISP RAS

The first seminar of the UniCFD Laboratory of ISP RAS was held on Wednesday, July 5th, in the Institute for System Programming of the RAS.


ISP RAS, 17:00, room 110.

The theme of the seminar:

“Application of discontinuous Galerkin method for solving gas dynamics equations: ideas, approaches, challenges”.


Lukin V.V. (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS)
Marchevsky I.K. (Bauman Moscow State University)

Approaches for construction of numerical solution of inviscid perfect gas dynamics equations using discontinuous Galerking method are considered. Questions of selection of basis functions, non-monotonicity indicators and limiters are studied for the case of one dimensional flow. Different WENO limiters with generalization are considered for moments of order greater than zero. Results of simulation for well-known cases are presented. Ways of enhancement for three-dimensional case are discussed.

Download reports in pdf:
Part 1. Lukin V.V.
Part 2. Marchevsky I.K.

Video, part 1 (in Russian)

Video, part 2 (in Russian)