2nd seminar of the UniCFD Laboratory of ISP RAS was held in the ISP RAS

The second seminar of the UniCFD Laboratory of ISP RAS was held on Wednesday, August 30th, in the Institute for System Programming of the RAS.


ISP RAS, 17:00, room 110.

The theme of the seminar:

“Experimental study of the hydrodynamics of a droplet splash”.


A.Yu. Ilinykh (Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS)

The results of the development of a technique for high-resolution recording of the flow structure during the immersion of a drop in a liquid and the analysis of experiments with miscible and immiscible media are presented. The main attention is paid to the visualization of the position of the streamers of the primary contact of the droplet; investigation of the angular distribution of the scattered sprays; the study of distribution patterns of the falling drop matter over the surface of the crown and the cavity in the target-liquid in the case of miscible and immiscible liquids, and also the determination of short capillary waves parameters at various stages of the process.

Video, part 1 (in Russian)

Video, part 2 (in Russian)