Our laboratory on the International Conference “Mathematical Modelling”

On November 17, 2020, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) holds the International Conference “Mathematical Modelling” as part of the 19th International Conference “Aviation and Cosmonautics” (AviaSpace-2020). The conference was broadcast online in Russian and English languages, and was attended by professors and researchers from major universities and research institutes, and experts from industry companies. The geography of the event covered 10 countries in Europe and Asia.

A. I. Avetisyan, the head of ISP RAS, took part in the plenary session with the report “Free software as a key component of technological independence”.

Our laboratory presented 7 reports on the following topics:

  1. Kraposhin M. V. Open software as a designer of complex digital models of technical systems.
  2. Epikhin A. A. Numerical simulation of highly underexpanded jets impinging on a barrier.
  3. Vatutin K. A. Prediction of sound impact in the far field for supersonic vehicles using free software.
  4. Levin M. P. To the solution of the regularized Stefan problem in the framework of the thermodynamic icing model.
  5. Korchagova V. N. A Tool for solving gas dynamics problems using the discontinuous Galerkin method based on open source software.
  6. Strizhak S. V. Features of implementing a parallel algorithm in the icefoam solver during modeling the flow around a 2D body and ice build-up using the SWIM model.
  7. Shatsky M. V. Supercomputer modeling of the acoustic field of the launchpad using open software.

Sergey Strizhak was the moderator of the section “Software for supercomputers and its application to engineering problems.”