Ivannikov ISP RAS Open Conference 2019

Section “Open source software for continuum mechanics” was held 5-6 December, 2019 during the “Ivannikov ISP RAS Open Conference”, in the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The section is devoted to the use of open source software in solving continuum mechanics problems (OpenFOAM, Salome, ParaView, DAKOTA etc.) and comparison of developed software with commercial programs. The topics include:

  • Turbulent flows modeling.
  • Solving adjoined thermal exchange problems.
  • Applied hydrodynamics, gas dynamics and aerodynamics problems.
  • Development of personal problem solvers and libraries.
  • Scientific visualization and processing of numerical results.
  • Education based on open packages issues.

List of presentations:

  1. I.B. Petrov, N.I. Khokhlov (Corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of Science, Head of Chair of Informatics, MIPT, 2 Ph.D., Deputy Director of Applied Geophysics Lab, MIPT) “Application of the method of characteristics for solving the problems of the propagation of dynamic wave disturbances using high-performance computing systems”
  2. Tomáš Bodnár (Czech Technical University in Prague and Institute of Mathematics.) “Far-Field Boundary Conditions for Stably Stratified Flows”
  3. Philippe Fraunié (Professor at Toulon University, research director at Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (M.I.O) Université Toulon) “Identification of turbulent model parameters in ocean surface models”
  4. Vladimir Sudakov, Vladimir Osipov, Yury Nechaev, Alexander Vasilyev (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS) “The study of neurodynamic systems of continuous adaptive control”
  5. Mikhail Zaitsev (IBRAE RAS) “Numerical studies of unsteady motion of continuous flows”
  6. Natalia Tuchkova, Konstantin Belyaev, Gury Mickailov (FITS IU RAS, Institute of Oceanology P.P. Shirshova) “Numerical Experiments with the coupled ocean-earth-atmosphere circulation model and analysis of decadal variability of its main physical characteristics”
  7. Konstantin Belyaev, Andrey Kuleshov, Ilya Smirnov (Institute of Oceanology P.P. Shirshova, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS, MSU, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics) “Data assimilation method for the ocean circulation model NEMO and its application for the calculation of ocean characteristics in the Arctic Zone of Russia”
  8. Konstantin Koshelev, Sergei Strijhak (ISP RAS) “Simulation of particle dynamics in planetary boundary layer and in a model wind farm”
  9. Aleksandr Ivanov, Sergei Strijhak (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS, ISP RAS) “Modeling weather conditions in the port area and in the coastal zone of Tiksi Bay”
  10. Bernhard Peters (Prof. Dr.-Ing., The University of Luxembourg) “Numerical Approaches to Particle-laden Multi-phase Flows for Industrial Applications”
  11. Sébastien Gadal (Professor, Aix-Marseille University) “The key-issues of the Geographic Knowledge in Remote Sensing Image Processing Artificial Intelligence”
  12. Timofey Mukha (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden) “The effect of numerical dissipation on the predictive accuracy of wall-modelled large-eddy simulation”
  13. Ekaterina Kalaushina, Alexander Smirnovsky, Dmitriy Brovin, Elizaveta Kolesnik (SPbPU, STR Group, Inc.) “Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent circular jet using OpenFOAM”
  14. Matvey Kraposhin (ISP RAS) “Open Source Software as a construction set for complex digital models of technical systems”
  15. Victoria Korchagova, Matvey Kraposhin, Daniil Ryazanov, Sergei Strijhak, Kirill Vatutin, Valeriia Melnikova, Artem Konovalchik, Oleg Plaksenko, Maxim Konopelkin, Maxim Kudrov, Ivan Martynov (ISP RAS) “Automation tool for aerodynamics and strength numerical analysis of radar structures based on open source programs”
  16. Kirill Ovchinnikov (SPbGMTU) “Analysis of total resistance for different ship speeds”
  17. Artem Nuriev, Olga Zaitseva, Olga Zakharova (Kazan Federal University) “A numerical study of vibration-driven mechanism of propulsion in viscous fluid”
  18. Andrey Epikhin, Daniil Ryazanov, Victoria Korchagova, Maxim Shatskiy, Matvey Kraposhin (ISP RAS) “The usage of open source software for solving computational aeroacoustics problems”
  19. Victoria Korchagova, Sofia Sautkina, Ivan Fufaev (ISP RAS, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS) “Review of open source software for modeling gas flows by the Galerkin discontinuous method”
  20. Kseniia Kuzmina, Ilia Marchevsky, Ryatina Evgeniya (ISP RAS) “The Nvidia CUDA technology capabilities usage in the simulation of two-dimensional flows by vortex methods”
  21. Tufan Arslan, Murat Ozbulut (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway) “GPU Simulation of Sloshing in a Vibrating Water Tank with Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method”
  22. Alexey Gurin, Alexey Baykin (Institute of Hydrodynamics M.A. Lavrentieva SB RAS) “FEMEngine: finite element method C++ code based on functional and template metaprogramming”
  23. Andrei Popov, Victoria Bondarchuk, Nikolai Tverdokhleb (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) “Coupled thermohydraulic problems simulation by particle finite element method PFEM-2 by means of free software”
  24. Evgeny Mikhailov, Ilias Sibgatullin (MSU, ISP RAS) “Research of influence of regular magnetic fields on flows in outer rings of galaxies”

Poster session:

  1. Maxim Khomenko1 (ILIT RAS — Branch of FSRC “Crystallography and Photonics” RAS) “Computation efficiency of S-CLSVOF method for additive manufacturing applications.”
  2. Tatiana Stenina1, Tatiana Elizarova, Daniil Ryazanov, Eugene Ryabinkin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the RAS, ISP RAS, NRC “Kurchatov Institute”) “Implementation of regularized equations for the disk pump simulation problem in OpenFOAM.”
  3. Artem Nuriev1, Airat Kamalutdinov1 (Kazan Federal University) “Study of hydrodynamics near oscillating beams in OpenFOAM package.”
  4. Daniil Ryazanov1, Ilias Sibgatullin1 (ISP RAS) “Regularized Equations for Biharmonic Attractors of Internal Gravity Waves.”
  5. Artem Kuvshinnikov1, Alexander Bondarev1 (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS) “Parametric study of the accuracy of OpenFOAM solvers for the oblique shock wave problem.”
  6. Elena Malinovskaya1 (Institute of Atmospheric Physics A.M. Obukhov RAS) “Study of the conditions for the occurrence of aeolian microrelief.”
  7. Maria Komarova1 (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) “Verification of SolidDisplacementFoam calculation core of OpenFOAM software.”
  8. Daria Romanova1, Sergei Strijhak1, Konstantin Koshelev1, Matvey Kraposhin1 (ISP RAS) “Modeling the reservoir flooding problem using the extended version of the porousMultiphaseFoam library.”
  9. Mikhail Chmykhov1, Victor Kozlov1 (NRNU MEPhI) “On numerical modeling of natural convection based on the OpenFOAM solver.”
  10. Daria Romanova1 (ISP RAS) “The study of the capture of material by the flow on a slope using OpenFOAM.”
  11. Mikhail Levin1 (ISP RAS) “Data selection from Big Data to design of substantial mathematical models.”