Participation in the school-conference “Problems of Mechanics: theory, experiment and new technologies”

Members of the UniCFD laboratory took part in the XV Russian School-Conference of Young Scientists “Problems of Mechanics: Theory, Experiment and New Technologies”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academician N. N. Yanenko.

The conference was held in a mixed form in Novosibirsk and in the Sheregesh village (Kemerovo region).

We made the following presentations:

  • Romanova D. I. “Development of the avalancheFoam solver for modeling a snow avalanche as a turbulent flow of a non-Newtonian medium on a slope”.
  • Sautkina S. M., Korchagova V. N., Marchevsky I. K. “Using the discontinuous Galerkin method for solving the Navier-Stokes equations”.
  • Korchagova V. N., Sautkina S. M. “Using open-source software for solving Euler equations by the discontinuous Galerkin method”.
  • Kraposhin M. V. “QGDSOLVER – an open framework for modeling liquid and gas flows based on regularized equations”.

Also, our girls also won a competition for creating paper airplanes and a skiing competition among the participants of the conference.