The 11th seminar (online) of the Web-laboratory of Continuum Mechanics

The 11th seminar of the Web-laboratory of Continuum Mechanics ISP RAS was held 13 May 2020 online, based on Zoom platform.

The topic of the seminar:

A meshfree formulation for the computer simulation of industrial processes involving complex flows.


Prof. Felix Raymundo Saucedo-Zendejo (Research Center on Applied Mathematics, Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico)


This seminar reports the potential of a Generalized Finite Differences Method (GFDM) formulation for the numerical modeling and simulation of three-dimensional industrial processes involving coupled physical phenomena. This meshfree formulation provides the advantage of naturally capture the evolution of the domain without the need of adaptive remeshing algorithms and has a simple way of incorporating any kind of boundary conditions. The main features of this meshfree formulation and details of its implementation are presented and finally, numerical results of the usage of this method in casting area are reported which show that this formulation is suitable for the simulation of this kind of processes.

Video (on Russian)