The 9th seminar of the UniCFD Laboratory of ISP RAS

The nineth seminar of the UniCFD Laboratory of ISP RAS was held 21 November 2019 in the Institute for System Programming of the RAS.

The topic of the seminar:

Simulation of waves attractors in stratified and rotating fluids with regularized equations of hydrodynamics.


Ryazanov D.A. (MSU, ISP RAS, Moscow),
Vatutin K.A.(MSU, ISP RAS, Moscow),
PhD Kraposhin M.V.(ISP RAS, Moscow),
PhD Sibgatullin I.N.(ISP RAS, OI RAS,Moscow).


Report represents results of numerical simulations of internal waves and inertial waves attractors. Simulations was provided by three different ways: Navie-Stokes implementation based on OpenFOAM, quasihydrodynamic implementation based on OpenFOAM and Navie-Stokes based on high order method implementation on Nek5000. Considered a brief historical background which preceded increased interests by science community to internal waves. Explained some important properties of internal and inertial waves — angle of propagation, reflection future and focusing of wave rays. Set of solved problems include plane attractor of internal waves, biharmonic attractor of internal waves, attractor in three-dimensional trapeze reservoir, attractor with local source of internal waves. Second part of the report reserved for attractors creations in rotating fluids with different ways of inertial wave generation — libration, precession, axisymmetric oscillation.

Video (on Russian)