Kraposhin Matvey

Matvey KraposhinMatvey Kraposhin (MSc in 2006, PhD in 2017) started his career in 2005 as an engineer of National Research Center “Kurchatov institute”. His first project was the development of visualization and control program for numerical model of technical systems. During 2005 – 2014 he advanced in the career from engineer to the head of the laboratory of spatial hydrodynamics. In 2015 he joined ISP RAS institute to facilitate the creation and growth of a new laboratory established for the development of Russian scientific and engineering open-source software.

Since then, Matvey Kraposhin has been working as the head of Open-source Software Laboratory for Digital Modelling of Technical Systems in the ISP RAS. As an advocate of OSS, he gradually applies and appeals to his colleagues to use and extend various open-source programs for solving fundamental and practical fluid problems. He is a convicted descendant of the idea that Open-Source Software is the modern unified language for communication between education, industry, and research. OSS allows the development of programs with fewer efforts, to deliver new knowledge to an audience faster and to train students better. Some results of Matvey’s work are published at GitHub as modules for the OpenFOAM platform. These results include:

  • hybridCentralSolvers – the set of solvers for the numerical simulation of compressible gas flows using hybrid Kurganov/PIMPLE approximation scheme;
  • QGDsolver – the framework for simulation of fluid flows using regularized equations approach (compressible gases with Mach numbers from 0 to infinity, incompressible flow, interfacial flows, multicomponent flows, etc);
  • libAcoustics – the library for far-field noise computation using Curle and Ffowcs Williams – Hawking analogies.

To help newbies with migration to the OpenFoam platform Matvey develops and delivers training tracks dedicated to the solution of fluid flow cases. All tracks with presentations and corresponding materials can be found at GitHub:

Since 2015, he chairs the section of Isp Ras Open conference “Open Source Software for Computational Mechanics Problems”.

The main research interests of Matvey Kraposhin are: fluid dynamics, numerical modelling, multiscale modelling, open-source software, compressible flows, two-phase flows, interdisciplinary models.


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2006 – MSc, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Department of Nuclear Power Plants. His MSc work was dedicated to sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of NPP with the PWR model.

2017 – Ph.D., Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the RAS. The title of the thesis is: “Mathematical modelling of compressible flows with a hybrid approximation for convective fluxes”.