Aerodynamic Estimation of Steam Turbine Stop Valve Design Using Lattice Boltzmann Method

  • A. Vodeniktov
  • V. Melnikova

Today, the improvement of steam distribution and regulation of steam turbines is an urgent task. The efficiency and reliability of the steam turbine depend on the gas-dynamic perfection of the shut-off and control valves. Using a tool such as CFO (computational fluid dynamics) programs allows you to visualize the process of steam flow in the valve, see the problem areas and determine the imperfect structural elements. However, computational simulation of the processes in the steam turbine valves remains a time consuming and lengthy process. The authors evaluate the effectiveness of the CFO programs use with help of the LBM method in order to reduce the time to prepare models and reduce labor costs for numerical research. Ouring the study, the stationary flow of superheated steam in the shut-off valve of the steam turbine K-160-130 was evaluated, the areas of flow separation and the causes of hydraulic losses in the valve were identified. As a result, the authors admit the possibility of using the lattice Boltzmann equation method for the initial assessment of the gas-dynamic characteristics of steam turbine valves; however, to improve the accuracy of the results, further calculations are necessary.

Edition: АIP Conference Proceedings, 2171, 070001 (2019)
DOI: 10.1063/1.5133212