Assessment of turbulent wake behind two wind turbines using multi-fractal analysis

  • A. Kryuchkova
  • J. Tellez-Alvarez
  • S. Strijhak
  • J.M. Redondo

In this paper we present preliminary results of the multi-fractal analysis for describing the behavior of turbulence evolution in the wake behind two model wind turbines using the program ImaCal. The wind energy is an important component of renewable energy sources. Nowadays the research community focuses on studying the turbulent wakes behind wind turbines and its interactions with the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. For finding the fractal dimension a multi-fractal analysis was performed using the results of a numerical simulation of the flow over two model wind turbines. The latter was carried out by means of the Large Eddy method with the Lagrangian Dynamic Smagorinsky subgrid model. The SOWFA library was employed as a part of OpenFoam software to perform the simulation.

Edition: 2017 Ivannikov ISPRAS Open Conference (ISPRAS), February 2018
DOI: 10.1109/ISPRAS.2017.00025