Development of a Dynamic Library for computational aeroacoustics applications using the OpenFOAM Open Source Package

  • Andrey Epikhin (BMSTU, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • Ilya Evdokimov (JSC Russian Helicopters, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • Matvey Kraposhin (ISP RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • Michael Kalugin (ISP RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation)
  • Sergei Strijhak (HP, Moscow, Russian Federation)

A large number of available computational fluid dynamics codes include tools for analysis of computational aeroacoustics problems. Such tools are proprietary as well as the codes themselves. Actually, the level of development of such codes as OpenFOAM makes it possible to implement enough opportunities for complication of physical models and increasing the scale of the issues described. In our paper, we develop a dynamic library libAcoustics which may be compiled independently of any modules of the main OpenFOAM package and the type of solvers being used in the model. The implemented Curle’s analogy in library makes it possible to obtain acoustic spectra under the conditions of turbulent flows around arbitrary solids in a medium moving at a low velocity of flow. Calculation of the acoustic field was made for 3D test case of Cylinder – NACA 0012 Wing Profile configuration. The analogy allows user to define solvers settings through standard user I/O dictionaries of the OpenFOAM. A complete implementation of the analogy is capable of producing parallel computation. The libAcoustics library is free and is available for download on demand.

Keywords: computational aero-acoustics; computational fluid dynamics; numerical simulation; acoustic analogy.
Edition: YSC 2015. 4th International Young Scientists Conference on Computational Science. Procedia Computer Science. Volume 66, 2015, Pages 150-157.