Development of OpenFOAM solver for compressible viscous flows simulation using quasi-gas dynamic equations

  • M.V. Kraposhin
  • D.A. Ryazanov
  • E.V. Smirnova
  • T.G. Elizarova
  • M.A. Istomina

Results of QGD (quasi-gas dynamics) equations approximation using OpenFOAM Finite Volume Method library are presented. The new developed solver QGDFoam compared to standard OpenFOAM solver rhoCentralFoam. Two approaches for the approximation of QGD terms are considered and compared – (1) least square method and (2) face normal derivative. Qualitative analysis showed that the first approach is more accurate compared with the second one and is preferable for reproducing complex shock interactions during unsteady flow. It was shown that the second approach produces the solution, similar to rhoCentralFoam solver with upwind interpolation. Being more diffusive than rhoCentralFoam solver with TVD schemes, QGDFoam, allows, however, to reproduce flows at wider Mach number range without introducing too much numerical diffusion comparing to upwind interpolation. Parallel scalability of developed solver has been checked. It scales for meshes down to approximately 1000 cells per node.