Regularized equations for disk pump simulation problems in OpenFOAM implementation

  • Stenina T.V.
  • Elizarova T.G.
  • Kraposhin M.V.

Creating an effective pump that is able to maintain blood circulation in a heart with appropriate medical indications is undoubtedly a crucial task. This work is devoted to a pump numerical simulations in order to optimize parameters. Equationsof viscous incompressible fluid flow are used for this purpose. Implemented numerical algorithm is based on the regularization of the initial equations, which applies a finite volume method that avoids limiting procedures and includes them controlled numerical dissipation. Calculations are carried out within open software package OpenFOAM that is installed at ISP RASand IPM RAS. Unsteady flow in the pump is studied.Hydrodynamic fields of velocity and pressure areobtained, separation zones and stagnation zones are studied, and flow-pressure characteristics and the estimations of viscous stresses on the surfaces of the pump are shown. The calculated values of viscous stresses lie in an acceptable range that ensuresthe safe operation of the human circulatory system

Edition: Preprints of the Keldysh IPM, 2020, 066, 30 p.
DOI: 10.20948/prepr-2020-66
ISSN: 2071-2898 / 2071-2901