OpenFOAM High Performance Computing Solver for Simulation of Internal Wave Attractors in Stratified Flows Using Regularized Hydrodynamic Equations

  • M. Kraposhin
  • D. Ryazanov
  • T. Elizarova
  • I. Sibgatullin
  • M. Kalugin
  • V. Velikhov
  • E. Ryabinkin

Paper presents some results of the implementation of a quasi-hydrodynamic (QHD) approach as finite volume method (FVM) solver mulesQHDFoam on the basis of OpenFOAM. Application of the QHD numerical algorithm to the simulation of the attractor of internal gravity waves is considered. A comparison of FVM with spectral element method (SEM) implemented in Nek5000 is given. Convergence of the QHD FVM solver model to the SEM Nek5000 model is shown. The Big Data analysis method (Proper Orthogonal Decomposition) is used as a tool for comparing the calculation results between QHDFoam and Nek5000.