OpenFOAM Solver Based on Regularized Hydrodynamic Equations for High Performance Computing

  • Shatskiy M.V.
  • Ryazanov D.A.
  • Vatutin K.A.
  • Kalugin M.D.
  • Sibgatullin I.N.

In the paper we investigate scaling of parallel performance for an implementation of quasi-hydrodynamic (QHD) approach as an OpenFOAM solver. Time-dependent partial differential equations are discretized using Finite volume method (FVM). As a test hydrodynamical problem we take internal wave generation in a bounded tank of trapezoidal shape, and set of parameters, which allows internal wave attractors to evolve. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition was applied to analyze and compare 2D and full 3D simulations.

Edition: 2019 Ivannikov Memorial Workshop (IVMEM), IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/IVMEM.2019.00022