Particle-based Method for Investigation of the Physical Processes in the Complex Industrial Tasks

  • Kraposhin M.
  • Epikhin A.
  • Melnikova V.
  • Strijhak S.

The main task of this paper is improved of modeling accuracy and understanding of the physical process which arises in complex industrial tasks using Euler-Lagrange approach. There were two cases under the study. The first one was aimed to study the dynamics of self-organized turbulent structures. A first qualitative insight into the entrainment process in wind farm is obtained through particle tracking. The second case is focusing on developing the Euler-Lagrange approach for the understanding of the physical processes occurring the water droplets injection into a jet. The water droplets, coming out of the special sockets, are simulated by packages (parcels) of particles of a certain mass and size according to the specified flow rate. Parcels moving in the flow, breakup at high speeds, heating and evaporation are investigated.

Edition: VI International Conference on Particle-based Methods – Fundamentals and ApplicationsPARTICLES 2019. pp. 466-476