Application of HPC-technologies for solving spatial multiphysics problems

  • Vasiljev V.A.
  • Kraposhin M.V.
  • Nitzkiy A.Yu.
  • Yuskin A.V.

The MCF software package devoted to solving coupled problems of hydroelasticity is described. Various ways of solving the problems with strong and weak coupling are considered. Iterative methods are chosen due to their simplicity in implementation and scaling. The coupling of the OpenFOAM software package (turbulent motion of incompressible, weakly compressible, and compressible fluids) with the two models of structural dynamics based on the finite-volume method (OpenFOAM) and on the modal approach (UZOR) is discussed. The performance analysis of the developed software using the clusters of the Taganrog Institute of Technology and the State University of Chelyabinsk is given.

Keywords: computational fluid dynamics; parallel computing; coupled problems; turbulent flows; hydro- and aeroelasticity; power units.
Edition: Computational methods and programming. 2011. Volume 12, pp. 160-169.