Studying parameters of turbulent wakes for model wind turbines

  • K.B. Koshelev
  • S.V. Strijhak
  • A.S. Kryuchkova

The wind energy is an important part of renewable energy. The wind farms can operate in various climatic conditions on a large territory of Russian Federation. The features of numerical simulation of turbulent flows using the OpenFOAM package and SOWFA library are considered. The mathematical model has the equations for mass, momentum and energy conservation for incompressible flow. Large-eddy simulation has been applied in the context of wind turbines operation. Lagrangian-averaged scale-independent dynamic Smagorinsky model is used. Two solvers ABLSolver and pisoFoamTurbine have been used for simulations. The results of computations for two test cases (2 and 12 wind turbines) with definition of the main flow parameters are given, the efficiency of the applied solver is shown.

The name of the conference, volume, number, page: International Conference On The Methods Of Aerophysical Research (ICMAR 2018)
DOI: 10.1063/1.5065180