hybridCentralSolvers – a set of programs for the simulation of compressible flows in wide Mach number range.

Developed set of programs is using hybrid method of approximation for convection terms, which combines Kurganov-Tadmor scheme for compressible flows and operator splitting technique – PIMPLE (PISO/SIMPLE).

Main particularity of this method consist in usage of Kurganov-Tadmore scheme for convective fluxes, adapted for implicit approximation and in the introduction of blending function, which allows to switch between compressible regime (implicit version of Kurganov- Tadmor scheme) and incompressible regime (mixed PISO-SIMPLE algorithm).

Hybrid method has next advantages.

  • Time step value limited only by mean flow velocity Courant number.
  • Usage of godunov-type scheme for convective fluxes allows to construct non-osillatory solution.
  • Developed method was designed to be universal and it’s current implementation can be applied for the simulation of medium of three different kinds – compressible gas, mixture of compressible gases and homogeneous two phase mixture.

This method was tested for wide range of problems, like one- and two- dimensional flows of perfect inviscid gas, simulation of transonic centrifugal compressors, simulation of liquid ring vacuum pumps, plasma gas dynamics, supersonic jets gas dynamics, wind resonance.

Simulation of centrifugal compressor

Supersonic jets simulation

Wind resonance simulation

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